DroidIris by Alexandre Delattre

What is DroidIris ?

DroidIris is a 3D gallery for Android that allows you to search and browse thousands of images online.

DroidIris is inspired by the famous CoolIris application and focus on the smoothness and simplicity of user experience.


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With DroidIris+ view your local and online images

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Feel free to contact me at alexd6631@gmail.com

Privacy policy

Short answer : I NO STEAL UR DATAZ

Long answer : DroidIris uses you favorite search engine and social network media to provide you a great 3D Gallery experience. DroidIris only exchange the required data between the application and your chosen 3rd party service to make it work as expected.

  • For search engines services : DroidIris trasmit your query to the service and displays back results in the gallery. Your search history and image cache stays on the mobile and can be wiped by the dedicated menu
  • For Facebook and social network services : DroidIris access your friends list and photos, to display them in the gallery

DroidIris does not collect any of these data